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when I think of home, I think of mundanity. I think of the small pleasures that life brings. my nani (grandmother) is very special to me. she says “I take life as it comes, one day at a time.” no one’s life is easy and everyone goes through their journey of ups and downs. she reminds me that life should be seen positively and that simple things can be so special. she enjoys being at home, narrating childhood stories, and feeding us her yummy food.

creating this series and making it into a book meant a lot to me and pushed me to question my depiction of home. It helped me understand my nani on a deeper level. I stay occupied with my daily life so much that sometimes that I forget to do the smallest of things that could be of help at home. I did not just get wonderful pictures of her my nani but I also got to spend a lot of precious time with her.


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