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behind the viel


an age old story of love and glory — a fine line between knowing and not knowing 

distance, love, memory, hope, longing

a photo book | in memory of my mother


L1316859 2.jpg
L1316877 copy 2.jpg
L1316918-2 copy.jpg
L1316923 copy.jpg
B45ACAF4-FBC0-4AEB-94B7-50471DFFCBE9 2.jpg

memories have no specific order

through the mediums of photography, drawing, and writing, I have created my own "memory box" to cherish for a lifetime

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each photograph is printed on cotton inkjet paper (viscose challis)

the poem is beautifully crafted in response to my work by abigail teodori


the leather box is incredibly executed by jules gourley

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